Friday, September 16, 2011

DIY Wedding Invitations

I was never crafty growing up - never had the urge to make anything. It was so much easier buying that cute stuff from a store. Then in college after joining Delta Zeta I learned that crafting becomes almost second nature, and surprisingly I enjoyed it.

After looking at wedding blogs, upon wedding blogs I started noticing my favorite weddings were the ones that were either DIY or looked that way - a rustic, vintage, chic look to them. If they can do it, so can I...right?

My first DIY wedding project to start are the invitations. With so many styles this should be easy (fingers crossed!). I love getting wedding invitations in the mail when you know some extra work was put behind them and I want mine to give the same feeling. My inspiration comes from here: I love the folder and I love having all the information you need right there for people. My biggest pet peeve is opening a wedding invitation and everything falls out in a pile on the floor.

I'll post some photos as these come along...

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