Friday, September 16, 2011

Hidden Gems...

Wedding colors are finally picked!

I haven't always wanted a fall wedding, but I also want my guests to attend so finding a season that lodging rates are a little lower for guests is a plus so September it is! And I couldn't be happier. Fall weddings bring so much creativity out and I'm in love with the colors.

As much as I like the yellows, reds and oranges in many fall weddings I didn't want to match my scenery. So after much deliberation and a little help from the fiance we decided on some deep gem colors. Peacock, Plum, and Fern. My sister's wedding colors were a dark purple and light green and it was so elegant, classy and pretty. I didn't want to copy her (although very tempted...) so I was elated to find three colors to match.

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