Thursday, October 27, 2011

1, 2, 3, 59, 1985...unique table numbers

To be honest I would love to have everyone come and sit down wherever they want. No table arrangements, no seating charts, no problem. Although it is kind of nice to not have people running around "Are these seats taken? Do you have room for three here?" Going to weddings I like having somewhere to sit, but it's also kind of nice to sit with people you may not know and forge some new friendships over the night.

So if you do go with table numbers why just throw out some cards with 1-20 on them? Make them unique to your wedding, to you and your new husband or just for fun. Here are my favorites and they take no longer than printing them on a table card would. 

Numbers that are unique to your and your new husband. 

My favorite - baby photos from different years.

Old wooden fence posts cut and painted - LOVE this! 

Wine bottles with table numbers.

Similar to another photo - but using the photos you were at that age. Two years old - table 2!

Photos of your pet!


  1. I am a fan of assigned seating at weddings, to an extent. We assigned seats at ours but instead of numbers, each table was named after a area where were were going to honeymoon.

  2. I love the number of engaged weeks!