Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fruity Candle...

I've been inspired lately by a number of fabulous bloggers with great DIY projects and of course Pinterest. :) My latest "I want to try that" moment was when I saw this clementine candle from apartment therapy. You can watch a "How To" video here. All you need is a clementine (a regular orange works too...), olive oil, a small knife and a match or lighter.

I'd explain the directions to you, but the video is SO much better. Good luck!

Well here's how mine turned out - loved it! Not something I'd make every day, but you bet if I'm having some people over or if the power goes out and all I have are some oranges knowing how to do this will come in handy.

A little olive oil, an orange and voila!

I like it even with the top off.


  1. Oh wow! I am tempted to try this tonight!

  2. It was fun! Let me know how it goes for you.