Monday, October 24, 2011


I could be getting WAY ahead of myself with a September 2012 wedding and I feel like I have the invitations 99% done. I love tweaking stuff so this gives me plenty of time to change my mind or update things - that can be a good or bad thing!

I love wax seals and my favorite part of the invitation suite is the seal. Are you using one in your invitation or doing something completely different? Would love to hear other ideas!

We're still waiting on a custom return address stamp from that will incorporate the leaf on the invitation. I'm pretty excited to see how it turns out! Especially how it will look against the dark blue RSVP envelope in white, silver or gold ink. Let's hope the post office loves it too!

Would love any input on other ideas. Our colors are dark purple (plum), dark green (fern), and peacock. So the blue and gold seemed to be the most fitting on the invitation. Any ideas on how to incorporate other colors or leave it as is? 

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