Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Save the Dates... (And "Oh the Horror")

Save the Dates are ordered and I couldn't be more excited! Fingers crossed nothing is double booked and the date stands. :) I've heard horror stories from friends and fellow bloggers about churches, reception halls, etc. being double booked. My cousin's reception hall had double booked her wedding and since the other wedding was larger they kicked her to the smaller room, another friend had hers booked and they told her to come back in January and pay because it was better for their pay calendar. To her surprise when she called in January to pay they said "oh - you hadn't paid and someone else wanted your date." I can't even imagine.

Have you had any horror stories? (Or maybe I don't want to hear them...)

Thanks to and the Bridalhood Blog for allowing me to win a Minted Giveaway and get these cute save the dates. I love the timeline!

Front of the Save the Date
Inside Left

Inside Right

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