Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween is Over...Bring on Christmas!

Ok I'm with most people where I don't want to see anything related to Christmas, holidays, snow, twinkling lights - until December or at least after Thanksgiving.  This year seems to be a little different (thank you Pinterest). I couldn't be happier to pack up the Halloween/Autumn gear, shove it in a closet and bring out the Christmas decorations.

My excuse for putting these ideas up the day after Halloween is you have PLENTY of time to work on them. I think that's a good enough excuse, right? 

So here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest...some that are such a cute idea for winter weddings!

How perfect for home or wedding centerpieces!

For those without a chimney...love, love, love this!

Cut the bottom of your tree of every year
for an ornament the following.

A great idea for all those mismatched socks...
an advent calendar.

I've always liked these. Made them once!

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