Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let's Start Those Resolutions Early...

I admit it - I was terrible this summer. This past Spring I was so ambitious about riding my bike to work each day, taking the dog out every night for a long stroll, going for a quick hike or run during lunch hour, and coupling that in with some rainy days at the gym. Well....summer came and went. I woke up late, got too busy at work, cleaning after I get home and trying to still settle in to our new home. Who knew yard work lasted more than one long, hot day?

So here I am nearly 4 months after getting engaged and realizing I really  need to pick it back up. This is the dress I fell in love with, but after trying it on just realized it wasn't for me. On the right hand side there's a lot of bling that's not too apparent in the photo, but when you try it on it's really distracting. Sigh...but I found what I wanted, but don't want to give away anything if the fiance happens to take a glance at this blog.

A few years ago my old roommate and I committed ourselves to the gym and eating right and it was awesome! I felt great and looked great too. Then I moved and it's back to old habits, but I'm going to do it again!

I recently joined and so far so good. I think one of the main reasons my roommate and I were so successful - aside from pushing eachother and not having boyfriends to tempt you into spaghetti, a night out, and a beer - was that we were writing down every morsel that we dropped into our mouth. Makes you realize that holy sh** that Halloween candy added nearly 500 calories to my day and I'm still hungry.

Thanks to MFP it is super easy to track your food, exercise and the best part is at the end of the day when you "submit" your info they tell you if you continue to eat/workout at the rate you did today "You'll weight XX pounds in 5 weeks." Some days it's heavier and some days it's lower...when I see that lower number it really makes me want to eat like that on a more regular basis.

So here's to starting my New Years Resolution a little earlier...and hoping that by next September that dress fits me like a glove!


  1. I joined myfitnesspal last month. It really makes me think twice about what I eat before I eat, simply because I don't want to know how many calories are in certain foods. A couple of times I have looked up foods prior to eating them (panera) to see if I could swing it.

  2. Ooo...that's a good idea to look it up on myfitnesspal. I've tried looking on websites - but this would be much faster! Thanks!