Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweet Dreams...

I'm ecstatic! We moved into our new house last Feb/March and I feel like the bedroom was the one room that has just been incomplete. We didn't have a headboard and I think that just helps complete the room. Hours of pinterest and Google searching on DIY headboards led me to believe that while these all looked amazing the time we'd actually find to putting one of those together was slim to none. Especially if you need to buy the tools to put it together.

A furniture store was having a "Grand Opening" sale in celebration of another town opening their store. I figured it'd be worth going down and seeing if bed sets were discounted or on sale. Lucky me - they handed you a scratch ticket and I got a $400 gift card! Woohoo!! Good thing I left my fiance in the car and had raced was freezing outside and I wasn't about to wait. :) Narrowly beat a couple behind us.

So here's our new bed!! Can't wait to complete the room.

So in celebration here are a few of my favorite Pinterest bedrooms:
Love the frames with words inside!

Love the headboard and mirrors.

One of those DIY projects I'd love to try!!

Love the B/W photos above the bed.

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