Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Back...

Ok it has been FOREVER! New Years Resolutions besides the never ending eating well, working out more, etc. is getting better at this. With wedding planning for myself and as my friends MOH we'll see how well that goes. It's either more inspiration to get on here or less. Wish me luck!

Save the Dates finally got sent out last week. I was planning on having those sent out in the fall, but by the time we gathered all the addresses it seemed like a better plan to wait until most of those holiday cards were out and the post office back on a somewhat normal schedule.

So next on our list are the invitations, getting the ceremony flushed out, and FOOD! Caterers are just so CRAZY expensive out here! As much as I'd love to offer lunch or just some appetizers people are making there way out just for this so I feel the least I can do is feed them dinner. I'm starting to warm up to the idea of just simple bbq fare - the reception is in a lodge/cabin so the two can kind of go together.

And our engagement photos are scheduled for end of February. We've been having an unusually non-snowy year and if we waited until winter for our engagement photos I'd like some snow in them. :)

Lastly - GO BRONCOS! (I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan at heart, but living in Colorado and now marry a CO native I feel like I can definitely favorite 2 teams - especially if one is winning!)

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