Monday, January 30, 2012


Ok I PROMISE I'm going to get better at this. I feel like I'm kind of in a lull as far as wedding planning so I don't have a whole lot to show or be inspired by.

But I have just won 100 postcards from Next Day Flyers. I use them all the time for work and it is so fast, convenient and super easy! So it's kind of fun that I can use them for personal use this time.

However, we just ordered sample prints from Cards and Pockets for our invitations and I LOVE them. I ordered the samples in Quartz where it's a shiny almost glittery print job and it's fantastic. They are so reasonable cost wise and I think they might even be the better deal when I fathom printing them at home, buying new ink, throwing away all the mess ups, etc.

With that being said I can't use the postcards for the reply cards since they are already done or save the dates. My only thought are thank yous (which I'd rather use with a wedding photo) and that they'd be too small to use as the programs. From there my thoughts are ________ (blank...absolutely blank).

Any ideas out there at all?

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