Monday, April 23, 2012


Invitation process is moving...really no turning back now is there? Heehee. Not sure how many times I went back and forth between buying invitations or DIY.  
I LOVE letterpress, but not the price. I LOVE the ease of buying invitations at Micheal's and Hobby Lobby, but don't like how general they are. Nor do I really want to print them at home. I do not have a good rapport with those things and I can already see half the invitations being tossed because they came out crooked or with smeared ink. 
So in comes Cards and Pockets and Paper and More. I ordered the pocket folds from Paper and More because the side pocket was a little bit wider and I didn't want the enclosures to be too stuffed in there.The mats were also ordered from Paper and More and even better - they cut your stack of paper for juts $5.

So next will come the printing this week from Cards and Pockets. And if you want another idea instead of the tissue paper or vellum for the liner in the invitations, my fiance's mother-in-law saw these on Save on Crafts. Ghost leaves. At first she suggested putting them on the tables and then mentioned the invitations. It's just a little something extra to make them look amazing!!


  1. Thanks for visiting my little blog project and entering the burlap giveaway.

    I was excited to read your blog as you are "new to me", but I had difficulty reading it in your current style - did you realize that each letter is on a new line? Very hard to read that way.

    1. Love the burlap! What do you mean a new letter on each line? I don't see it, but would be happy to fix it!