Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Sale...Ends at Midnight

If you haven't yet race over to 3-day sale. Sale ends today (April 18) at midnight! Yesterday I thought I'll give it a look and see what they have. Mostly looking at the groomsmen gifts since my fiance probably won't think about that until weeks before the wedding.

Like I've mentioned previously I've had my eye on some spa robes for my b-maids. I've looked online at Etsy and there's some great stores out there and I've also looked at JcPenney. They had personalized robes for $20, but they were out of stock. So luckily as I was perusing site they have spa robes for $20 including the personal monogram! Plus if you spend over $150 you get another 20% off. So I ordered enough for my bridesmaids and my future MIL and my own mother.

The only catch was the colors - hot pink, bright blue, white, chocolate brown or beige. My colors are blue/green/purple. My fiance pointed out if the quality isn't that good the chocolate brown might fade really fast so I got everyone white! I should've at least done my monogram in a different color, but oh well. How can you beat 7 robes for under $150.

I also ordered the cocktail napkins because I wanted something to get me over the $150 mark for the extra 20%. It's nice to have another piece of the wedding puzzle checked off.

Now any ideas on what to pair with the robes? I'd like to get them something else...

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