Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wedding Woes...

Knock on wood this wedding has been pretty "uneventful" in a good way and having that time on our hands as helped not only with organization of stuff, but money. We've put down a good chuck of money on the venue, our photographer, etc. What I'm struggling with is the cost of a caterer and booze.

Before I start our venue is a lodge that is used exclusively for rentals so they have all the bar glasses you need, tables and chairs and that's where it ends. Your caterer needs to provide everything else.

We can have a local restaurant cater for $6000 for 150 guests. This includes everything except linens and water glasses. The catch is it is BBQ food so the food would be served in old pie tins complete with the red/white checker tissue paper inside. It works with the theme of the lodge, but my MIL and myself kind of would like something a little nicer then serving out of pie tins.

Caterer #2 Would provide all the food and rentals for $9600! I have such a hard time wrapping my head around this. It is so much money for a wedding and I have plenty of other things I'd like to spend my money on then food for other people. It's a "destination" wedding somewhat so doing just appetizers or a pot luck are completely out of the question.

I have to throw in other caterers we talked to would give a "discounted" price of $15k. Holy sh**!

And now to add up the rest of the costs it's probably 5k for booze (no idea what the going rate is for booze), another $1750 for the venue, $1400 for the photographer and $500 for bartenders, and I still have invitations, centerpieces/flowers, wedding party gifts and P's suit to throw in there. Plus whatever I'm missing...

I keep seeing the average cost of a wedding is around $20,000, but I just think it's ridiculous. I want to have a nice wedding, but I'd also like a new car and to send my future kids to college or at least pay for their dance lessons. :) How do you do that when you are still paying off a wedding.


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