Monday, May 28, 2012

4 Month Countdown...

Exactly 4 months until I become the Future Mrs. PL! :)

So excited and equally nervous as I still have LOTS to do! This weekend involved putting together all my invitations before realizing that I needed stamps with those RSVPs and surprise the post office is closed all weekend long and today, Monday, for Memorial Day. (HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SERVE OUR COUNTRY!) Luckily they weren't stuffed in the envelopes yet!

Up next is an outdoor sign for our wedding reception, which I'm almost done with and addressing the envelopes. I'm planning on printing them with the same front that I used on the invitations. I'm a little concerned printing rather than hand addressing them might be tacky....what do you think?

Happy Memorial Day!

My memorial weekend: yard work and one tired pup!


  1. I'm getting married the day after you! Here in Australia (where it's the 29th!) it's the 4 month mark for us as well :)

    I'm planning to print our envelope addresses...mostly because I'm a perfectionist and I know if I try to hand address them I will have to buy at least 50 extra envelopes because I will not be happy with the way I hand write at least that many of them. lol. It just seems easier to print them! They will look prettier to me that way. But if you have beautiful handwriting - go for the hand addressing :)

    OR there is a sneaky cheat option - print on the envelope in a font slightly darker then your envelope colour, then trace over it with a pen/calligraphy marker. All the fanciness of hand-written with the tidiness of printing. No one will ever know (unless they read your blog ;) !)

  2. Yay!!! Happy 4 month mark to you as well! I was looking over your "To Do List" on your blog and making sure there's isn't something I'm missing or overlooked. :)

    I tried the light font and tracing over looked almost worst then my own handwriting. Printing it is!