Thursday, May 31, 2012

Addressing Envelopes...

Ok I've decided to just print my envelopes, but now I want you to help me pick which one. I like both, but not sure if the Post Office will have a preference vs. one over the other. The last thing I want is returned invitations because they didn't like the way it was typed out.



  1. Oh I really love the first way! But being from Australia I have no idea if your post office will be cranky if you do it a certain way so I can't give advice on that :) I'm getting stuck into addressing mine this weekend. I would love to do it the first way but have a feeling I'll have to stick to more of a traditional way...

  2. I ended up starting some of mine as well and I stuck to the traditional one. The last thing I want is a bunch of wedding invitations returned to me because they didn't like the way I addressed it. But I did like the first one too!!