Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dance Lessons!

So excited he said Yes! To dance lessons...heehee.

We'll be learning the Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, and Cha-Cha. My fiance says tall guys should not be allowed to dance. He's 6'3. I think once he learns how to it'll be just fine. I don't want to have the groom not dance at his own wedding. Nor do I want our first dance to look like something out of a 6th grade dance.

I've always loved the YouTube videos of first dances starting out slow and breaking into a dance routine. I took dance lessons (ballet, tap, jazz, hip name it) growing up and the dance team in highs school so I'm not uncomfortable with dancing. These lessons will be a good for me too...I can whip out a dance routine to Britney Spears for you, but not a waltz!

Which leads me into another part of this whole first dance...what the heck is our song going to be? We have so many in mind: Tim McGraw's Put this Circus Down, Green River Ordinance's Dancing Shoes (I personally think it's a little too somber for a first dance "dance away our blues...") or the Give Into Me song from Country Song. Any ideas on something that hasn't been overplayed and overdone!

My Dad/Daughter dance I want to be Darius Rucker's "Won't Be Like This for Long"...makes me cry every time!! That's probably not a good thing...

So first dance? Not overdone...ideas? 

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