Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stamps on RSVP cards

So I stopped by the Post Office today to buy some postcard stamps for our RSVP cards. I haven't been picky on anything, but as she starts pulling out the postcard stamps and they look like the image below I had to be rude and ask for new ones. They didn't have any...so I paid extra for the Cherry Blossoms and even those I'm not too thrilled about. What happened to plain 'ol stamps?

I'm from South Dakota and now we're in Colorado so even the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms I'm not thrilled about. I'm just not in the mood to pay extra for custom stamps on Zazzle.com.

What did anyone else do? I really do think the one thing I'm being particular on is the least important...


  1. I think they had love stamps when I got married...It is ridiculous how much stamps cost these days!

  2. Yeah not sure why the one thing I've decided to get picky on his stamps... :)

  3. They have some really pretty white rose forever stamps at USPS. Those are fun. You might could also see if the post office has last years stock of the postcard stamp (flowers). I mixed and matched last years postcard stamp, the white rose forever stamp, and vintage stamps on my invitations.