Wednesday, August 15, 2012 Mini Business Cards is my new favorite site! There printing is on fabulous paper and very high quality. I knew I wanted to do something special for escort cards, but didn't want to just put people's names/tables on a business card and call it good.

So I found a fellow bride-to-be who ordered mini business cards and had their engagement photos on the back of each card. The nice part of is that you can have different photos on the back of your 100-pack. 1 photo to 100 different photos. So I decided that we'd personalize the photos and put each individual guest on the cards. We just went ahead and ordered photos of all the guests even if we knew they were or weren't coming. Saves us a headache in the future. (Although my fiance has just decided to invite a few more guests so they'll be receiving a generic photo of us on their escort card...sad).

How cute are these!?

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